Custom Malas

The journey of creating a custom mala is sacred and unique. It is a multi step process that begins with where you currently are in your life. What things are you looking to bring in? What goals you have for the future? What words would you like to embody?

After our initial connection, I will suggest different gemstones based on your why. Most custom malas have between 1-4 types of gemstones throughout the mala necklace. Your necklace will contain a total of 108 stones and you will also have the option of different guru beads, metals and tassels. The entire process is custom and there will be no other mala like yours.

After your mala is created and in your hands I will guide you through the soothing process of meditation with a mala. I will also make recommendations so you feel comfortable in continuing a mediation practice that will serve you best.

If you are interested in creating your own custom piece click here and send me a note.




 Mala making is more than just making a's much, much more!  Learning, laughing and crafting all tied up in one fun filled evening. One of the most fun evenings I've enjoyed with a group of friends lately.  A bucket list must!



The whole adventure of making your own mala with Nichole is very special.  It's not sitting down to make jewelry. In a matter of a couple of hours Nichole managed to wind our group down a road of introspection, sharing, laughter, and future thinking, and did I mention laughter.  It was really fun to watch my beautiful group of friends share things with each other that they might not have otherwise in other settings and really support and encourage each other. As much fun as it was it was also very therapeutic.  The girls are all walking around wearing their malas proudly knowing its deeper meaning and still talking about what a great afternoon/evening it was. They truly can't wait to do it again!